Verbalizing “the Lack”


Nelson Cuadras   I feel unclear on whether I should share this. I’m lacking clarity. I can’t find it. It’s frustrating. I need sleep. I question myself; Should I be posting this? Who cares about this? Who cares about your excuses? I see what my favorites on here put out and I think, wow, how […]

The Two Things Your Body Needs


Samantha Faulhaber   Remember these and you basically have the avenue to helping anything your body has going on. Your tissues are effectively seeking out two things for healing: Electricity and hydration. Dehydrated tissues are stuck together, stiff, and consequently end up affecting the tissues around them by making them take on more of the […]

Creating Space


Jenn Pilotti   August came at me with a vengeance. My client load was full, my mostly organized life was being met with the potential for a big change, and every single project I had either organized or said yes to were all due within a two week span. While I (miraculously) managed to get […]

Openness & Movement


Jenn Pilotti   The coach who writes my programs recently included handstand play on one of my hand balancing days. “Set a timer for ten minutes. Play with different entries to handstands. Try and catch the balance for 3 seconds. Note which variations feel interesting.” This particular aspect of my movement practice made my Tuesday. […]

Recycling Energy


Miguel Viero       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Miguel Viero (@miguelviero_)

Start with Universe – Structure (Part 4)

Pelvis Tensegrity 768x576

Jordan Terry   Part 1 of this series. Part 2 of this series. Part 3 of this series.   Humans have a fluidity to them that buildings (even tensegrity building structures) rarely have. “When energy becomes manifest, it immediately sets up a polarized dynamic, creating the fundamental form of energetic flow called the Torus. Everything, […]

What You Need from What You Know


Samantha Faulhaber When I lived in Philadelphia I had a studio that I divided into two halves. The door opened up right in between those halves, so once you walked in and changed into something comfortable we had a choice together – either you went towards the windows for a workout or you went towards […]

Breath, Energy, & Upheaval


Craig Mallett   Breathing is a big topic in the Da Xuan tradition. When we look at the view that the tradition takes of the human being, we see it split into thirds. One third is the physical aspect (Jing), which is all about the cultivation of the body. As the body is material and […]

Guest Post #2 – Time Vs. Energy


Phaon Phipat   Is time the most valuable resource? Or is your energy? Energy is depletable But restorable When you are low in energy Nothing happens When you are high in energy Great things can happen Time never comes back But sometimes when you have heaps of time … And no energy, there’s only few […]

Energy & Personal Resources


Craig Mallett   I think it’s safe to say that everyone understands and has had their own experience of energy at the very least in the general sense.  I’m talking about feeling energetic, as in being alert and ready to do a lot of things whether they are physical or mental. On the flip side […]