Training After Baby


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Life & Leverage

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Chandler Stevens   The body has a harmony of its own. Think for a moment that what you know and live through day after day is the emergent result of the intricate workings on trillions of cells. These cells don’t have a central command. A series of local interactions and vast communication networks allow you […]


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Hard Work vs. High Performance

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Chandler Stevens   What’s the difference between those individuals who wear themselves down with long hours, battling against fatigue and lack of focus, making little headway on their goals… And those who seem to effortlessly perform at a high level, accomplishing far more in a week than most do in a month, with plenty left […]

Transitions – Effective vs. Efficient


Jenn Pilotti In the movement disciplines, it’s easy to get hung up on specific aspects of a skill. What does the finished product look like? How does the person begin? What does the posture look like at the end? It’s as though the middle part takes care of itself, assuming the rest of the pieces […]