death practice

The Work


Dare Carrasquillo   insects stir 3/1/23   it takes a lot of concentration, dedication to become clear in a culture designed for confusion designed for ignorance   the work, as they say, in all caps with a hint of righteous pride THE WORK is not constantly explaining things to ignorantly confused people becoming famous for […]

Learning Perception


Dare Sohei   heres a working list of things i do and have done to think/perceive the way i do. i come from a pretty normal background — poverty, depression, anxiety, no college, lots of illnesses, addiction etc.   my saving grace was probably the things that also screwed me up, which was animistic perception […]

Threatening & Being Threatened


Dare Sohei   grief (and rage) are just the very first parts of death practice. it strikes me as telling that resistances towards acceptance of these states and moving through them to whats beyond are so prevalent. its like watching someone pick at scabs. this culture, these behavorial stories are so fucking boring and remedial, […]

The Optics Are Biased

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Dare Sohei   [part 1] capitalism functions off of competition and designed scarcity, this is why real wisdom isnt profitable.   this is also why you have cults, groups and factions constantly jockeying for control in a capitalistic frame. social media has only highlighted this aspect of human nature: competing narratives striving for dominance of […]