When Your Only Company Is a Mirror and Music


Nadia Genois   I had recently promised myself to create more opportunities to dance, improvise, to have these moments that are generally revitalizing but that too often escape me because of fatigue or laziness. Yet it is a pleasure that I have discovered in recent years, to improvise to give yourself permission to be in […]

A Shared Struggle


Steph Lee   Playing with recoil in a restraining costume while in residency for Brutally Submissive. The process fed me so much, creatively and energetically, and I had a lot to reflect after. Mostly, I want to know how to research the performative possibilities within myself and find out how many layers my dancing can […]

Meeting Oneself


Nadia Genois   I have always loved dancing. I remember when I was little, going to see The Nutcracker with my father. Imagination fertile, body touched, I came back announcing that I wanted to be a rat in The Nutcracker. Note the rat here, we will come back to it. Maybe. It took several years […]

The Risk of Performance


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See Me So I Can See Myself

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Nick Konow       View this post on Instagram   Some audio on seeing and being seen, on the stories we tell others and those stories we tell ourselves. The visual, meaningless. I am a screensaver. I am a dolphin swimming in the ocean. A post shared by N I C K K O […]

Solo Grappling

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Margot Ciccarelli     View this post on Instagram   Building a solo practice was not something that originated in quarantine for me. This solo drill video was taken last February in Melbourne (@absolutemmastkilda) before sharing my dualistic approach with @athleticplayground Being able to peek into the dance world, (especially into the contemporary dance, contact […]

Almog Loven Part 1: Physical


Christine Ruffolo   I got to the Finnish Hall early.  I always get there early, especially on the first day.  I was eager and curious to participate in a workshop I knew nothing about.  The rare glowing recommendation of an internet personality and a cancelled Spring Break trip to Mexico had led me here last […]

The Artist vs. the Athlete


Margot Ciccarelli   They are both labels by themselves, but if you could only pick one, which one would you choose?  Jiu-jitsu is one of those things that encompasses both artistry and innovation, but yet still remains to be an athletic endeavour. It isn’t to say jiu-jitsu is uniquely the only art that intertwines both […]

A Man Waves


Nick Konow       View this post on Instagram   Maybe the best Monday morning tutorial most of you WON’T DO. #DANCEMINUTE got you feeling self conscious, grappling with your idea(s) about what expression should look like? Begin with a limb. And follow that limb, fight that limb, consider the relationship of that limb […]

Soft Practice Within Hard Art


Margot Ciccarelli       View this post on Instagram   Part 1 : Lately I’ve become fascinated with the idea of what a complete practice is; what is a nourishing practice? The idea of sustainability and longevity is not the first thought that comes to mind to average person when they think about jiu-jitsu. […]

Learning vs. Performing


Christian Paev   How complete is your self-image? How does your self-image differ from reality? ‘Movement class’ is not about playing games, nor it is about cool movements. Our work is an educational process – one that demands you to be involved, for the sake of your own self-knowledge. The class is a place where […]

Matan Levowich


Christine Ruffolo   Matan Levkowich is a dancer, choreographer, and martial artist.  Another of the incredible Israeli movers, he is able to pluck out threads from all the worlds he has immersed himself in and deliver them in practical form.  He first blipped on my radar during a conversation with Marlo Fisken.  She was hosting […]

We Must Feel


Nick Konow   When practicing a skill, hunt for the feeling.   A stretch is present in all the yielding, pushing, reaching, grasping and pulling that we do.   We just might not be looking for it.   If we search for the stretched tissue, we can get clearer on the contraction we are producing […]

Tom Weksler

Tom Weksler 2

Christine Ruffolo   Tom Weksler’s Movement Archery workshop was a lesson in angular momentum.  We rolled, we spun, we bruised our pointy bits.  Imagine an archer drawing back his bow, creating length and space from which to effortlessly propel himself.  Spiralling was the general means to generate kinetic potential, from foot to head and left to […]

This Also May Be God


Nick Konow   This also may be god. Why Fitness is basic and physical attributes are shiny, empty, ribbons.      I don’t believe in the value of attaining the Attributes of strength, power, conditioning and mobility.   (in and of themselves.)   It’s akin to chasing the attitude of happiness, asserting our willpower over  […]

Form Follows Function


Christine Ruffolo   Form Follows Function was a 6-hour Axis Syllabus themed workshop that combined elements of anatomy, contact improv, and dance.  Spread over two days (Saturday and Sunday, in the perfect hours of 10a – 1p), the general flow of the course began with contact improv, dipped into anatomy, connected and contextualized axis syllabus, […]

It’s All Art


Stephanie Lee   I am drawn to the undeniable human experience. The guttural, heart-wrenching physical assertions of the body. For me, few things are as addictive as the pleasure of moving across the floor, twisting my limbs, expanding breath and energy through my body, and carving previously unseen pathways in space. Because I love to […]

Movement Confidence


Nick Konow     S E L F G U I D E D E X P E R I M E N T A T I O N. // A Curiosity of Spirit, an Openness to a process, a willingness to give over to it and the audacity to also question it. The primary […]


Constraints Create Freedom Design

Nick Konow On a Tuesday evening this past winter, I danced to maybe 10 songs in a bar, in the middle of a modest crowd, in a rather shit part of downtown Los Angeles. Context is everything. The context in this instance, is that the behavior of me choosing to partake in anything that might […]