The Space for Curiosity (& Excitement)


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An Apple A Day?

Good Wiil

Jeremy Fein   If you listen to the loudest voices and the wittiest memes in the fitness world, you’ll very quickly find out that there are things you’re supposed to be doing every day. Sit in a squat, walk a certain distance, move every joint through its range, hang from something…#EveryDamnDay. Ultimately, if you listened […]

Keep Doing Things


Nick Konow   K E E P D O I N G T H I N G S. // Do them past boredom. Far past it. Do them while being hung up on what they really mean to you, and even more so when struggling with what YOU really mean to IT. Do them as […]

Learning the Impossible

Jeremy Feature

Jeremy Fein   If you were to walk into a juggling festival in the 90s…okay, wait. There is such thing as a juggling festival. And if you stumbled into one in 1995, you’d likely spot a crowd of people gathering around a juggler defying gravity to keep 5 clubs in the air. Fast forward to […]

The Training Hole


Miguel Viero The other day I got some feedback from someone who came to my group classes for a month. To give some context I have to say that this person comes from spending years going to a conventional big chain gym, working out with machines and doing group fitness classes. This person combined both […]