An Attentive Walk & Talk


Christine Ruffolo   In an unassuming day in July 2022, I attended a workshop entitled “The Musicality of Being” in Washington DC.  It was lead by Seth Dellinger, a Feldenkrais practitioner with a story so wild I’m not going to touch upon it here.  That is for him to discuss.  We met at a picnic […]

General Preparatory Studies

name of wind

Dave Wardman   I had three quotes in mind for this piece but have only found two of them. Not to matter, as this will be a topic that I will return to a number of times and add depth to.  It is something I have an ongoing curiosity with. The basic premise is something along […]

Where is Gravity Winning?


Chandler Stevens   There’s a thing we say about aging, that gravity takes its toll. And it’s true. The soft tissues succumb to the downward pull, losing their elasticity. The spring and bounce that characterizes youth dessicates. And yet there’s a way we age long before our time, offering ourselves up as sham sacrifice to […]

Life Connections


Christian Paev   Desire without ability leads to frustration. Ability without desire is just potential. Missing both is apathy. Develop the abilities that match your desires. Or suffer proportionally to their difference. **** Movements? What movements? The actual content of the practice goes far beyond the exposed visual shell, that mislead the eye. It cannot […]

Beliefs, Culture, & Connection


Ramon Castellanos     In this article I want to discuss something that you do not see discussed a lot and that is the practice of magic in the context of the primal movement, the primal health movement or the ancestral movement. There is a lot of talk about nutrition, physical training protocols, circadian rhythm […]

Affective Movement


Alex Sporticus   The art of teaching, at its very core, is constant decision making and problem-solving in a dynamic environment to assist the individual or the collective to flourish. As a secondary school teacher of PE I believe I am faced with two key puzzles to solve. The first key puzzle is how can […]