Vispassana Crossover


Samantha Faulhaber   Quickly let’s mention that I’ve been working on myself for years. I took one ten-day course, and you’re not going to magically implement and feel the same ways after reading this. Sorry to disappoint. Which is a great jumping off point! Vipassana meditation attempts to get you to a place where you […]

Movement as Language: Listening & Being Trilingual


Nikki Miller     View this post on Instagram   Some words on LISTENING: • For my fellow stress-prone movement lovers: what role does listening play in your embodied learning practice? • Using myself as an example: The first video is from after gaga class today, 9/26/19. The second video is from what according to […]

Connecting to Ourself


Chandler Stevens   Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve hit a wall?  Or that you’re spinning your wheels?  Or that despite your best intentions you end up in the same rut of habits and patterns? What you may not realize is: it’s not some external factor.  It’s not some thing holding you back. It’s […]

Disruption, Discomfort, and Disconnect


Christine Ruffolo   Note: this is a companion piece to The Essential Act of Nothing.  Its sentiment can be summed up by the following: Recently, I wept along side a theater full of adults.  We were watching the latest Mr. Rogers movie, and he reminded us, “you don’t have to do anything sensational for people […]

Connecting Feldenkrais with Pole


Nadia Genois   This has been a long time coming. It seemed it should have been easy, connecting two passions together but somehow it just was not happening. To be fair or precise I should say in fact it was happening, in myself, my movement, my body. A transformation and an incarnation of this exploration […]