Communicating from a Place of Sickness & Pain


Dare Sohei   a brief(?) communication about the time i am in:   this is a water tiger (death-fear) year, and all of my inherited and conduct/ignorance related disease symptoms have returned in not a small way. i have learned, brutally, over the last 42 years, about living a life based on a disability justice […]

Maybe the Gurus are Just Looking for Friends


Christine Ruffolo   Clients seek trainers because they are looking for a relationship.  They want to be seen and heard and reflected back to, and calling on a person to help you sort your body out is a societal norm.  (The slew of specialized services to select from is a testament to both the need […]

Call Me


Nick Konow   “Call me everyday.” That’s what he said, so that’s what I did. This was 7 or so years ago and my 2nd of many AA Meetings. The man who told me to call was a man I met that very night. I asked him to be my sponsor that night, too. That’s […]

The Brilliance of Sillinesss


Tom Morrison When “movement” became a fitness “buzzword” it was an exciting and sad day. The world was plummeted into a stream of overthinking, overcorrecting, forced “play” and deep Instagram posts. People started trying to be the next innovative genius to revolutionise the fitness industry and change everyone’s way of thinking…. Like me. But I’m […]