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Axis of the Praxis


Christian Paev   My job is to teach physical practices that create conditions for positive changes in people. Positive to me means – more feeling, more awareness, clarity and choices. First of all, it is important to understand why we need the practice at all, and then to understand how to practice. The need for […]

Forgive My Ineptitude


Christian Paev   Writing about the Movement is paradoxical. It seems doomed from the start because it cannot be adequately described. Even a bad experience is better than none, and even the best experience won’t be able to encapsulate everything I want to express. To begin with an apology for the limitedness of the text seems right.   […]

Integration = Expression

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Christian Paev   Pursuing different positions of the body without having a field of integration is like learning many interesting words in a foreign language.. But let’s never say it. It is an absolutely necessary part of development, but why does it remain there? I am trying to study body language so that I can […]

What to Do, What to Do


Christian Paev   Ever wonder why changing disciplines, practices, exercises, methods, people around us, teachers, circumstances…. in the end we end up with almost the same internal result? Random hopping between different topics at work is scattered wandering, but not a channeled strategic approach. Figuratively speaking, we drive the same car on different roads – […]

Diagonal Stretch Training

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Taking Responsibility for Your Own Path

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Christian Paev ”I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s” I am a system of systems, developing through systems.. Not following a system in order to be more free is a charming delusion. We must use the collective knowledge, and adapt everything to ourselves (a dynamic temporal entity) as needed. But making […]

A Note To Self


Christian Paev   a note to self   ”persist – from Latin persistere, from per- ‘through, steadfastly’ + sistere ‘to stand’ ”   To the people who pursue change in their lives and especially to my own self.   Systems have capacity.   Not using any of the capacities you possess would shrink them like […]

Addiction & Having Enough


Christian Paev   ”Such answers illuminate that the addiction is neither a choice nor a disease, but originates in a human being’s desperate attempt to solve a problem: the problem of emotional pain, of overwhelming stress, of lost connection, of loss of control, of a deep discomfort with the self. In short, it is a […]

Life Connections


Christian Paev   Desire without ability leads to frustration. Ability without desire is just potential. Missing both is apathy. Develop the abilities that match your desires. Or suffer proportionally to their difference. **** Movements? What movements? The actual content of the practice goes far beyond the exposed visual shell, that mislead the eye. It cannot […]

Learning vs. Performing


Christian Paev   How complete is your self-image? How does your self-image differ from reality? ‘Movement class’ is not about playing games, nor it is about cool movements. Our work is an educational process – one that demands you to be involved, for the sake of your own self-knowledge. The class is a place where […]

Inside Ido’s EMM


Christian Paev   European Movement Meeting, August 2018. Lisbon, Ginasio de Portuguese. 7 floor facility for movement-purposes. We occupied 3 studios on the 5th and 1 on the 7th floor. 130 participants divided in four groups, and we were to have 3 classes with each of the 4 teachers – Odelia, Shai, Dudi, and Ido.  […]

Emotion and Self-Expression


Christian Paev From a young age, most of us (hopefully) engage in some type of physical practice. Then it changes. When we are kids, it comes naturally, easy and meaningful despite the obvious lack of ability to explain what we’re doing. We’re basically just playing, exploring, being – who cares about developing qualities, exercising, winning, […]