A Beautiful Practice


Chandler Stevens   Each psychology is a confession, and the worth of a psychology for another person lies not in the places where he can identify with it because it satisfies his psychic needs, but where it provokes him to work out his own psychology in response. (Hillman, 1975, p. xviii)   James Hillman was […]

How to Do What You Say You’re Going To


Chandler Stevens   This year we have another cohort beginning The Ecosomatics Practitioner Training, as well as a group continuing on for a second year, and I’m thrilled to be with them. Over the year they’ll develop the skills and mental models to address a broad range of physical and psychological problems that face people […]

The 80/20 Rule of Better Movement


Chandler Stevens   Early in my career I was fortunate to work with somebody in her 90s whose primary goal for a movement practice was to be able to get up and down from the toilet unassisted.   It was a clear lesson about the dignity that we’re granted through our ability to move well […]

Life & Leverage

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Chandler Stevens   The body has a harmony of its own. Think for a moment that what you know and live through day after day is the emergent result of the intricate workings on trillions of cells. These cells don’t have a central command. A series of local interactions and vast communication networks allow you […]

Hard Work vs. High Performance

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Chandler Stevens   What’s the difference between those individuals who wear themselves down with long hours, battling against fatigue and lack of focus, making little headway on their goals… And those who seem to effortlessly perform at a high level, accomplishing far more in a week than most do in a month, with plenty left […]

Moving Beyond Symptoms


Chandler Stevens   Symptoms are tricky little things. Knee pain, jaw tension, an achy back…each seems to beg our attention. They alert us to the fact that there is a problem, but the challenge lies in the fact that they don’t tell us much about the nature of the problem. As such they’re a bit of a red herring […]

Reconceptualizing Depression

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Chandler Stevens   I’m attempting something rather large in this particular piece, knowing full well that I’ll fall short. What I’d like to propose is a reconception of the phenomenon of depression. I make no claims that this is “right.” And it is not a complete picture of depression, which is an incredibly complex phenomenon. […]

The Need for Anxiety


Chandler Stevens   Anxiety is: “A sickness which attacks…precisely those who are strongest in spirit and richest in gifts.” – Herman Hesse It’s a feature of our culture – and our species. It’s a necessity for anyone who wishes to do creative work. Anxiety points to a struggle taking place within the personality, a wrestling […]

Where is Gravity Winning?


Chandler Stevens   There’s a thing we say about aging, that gravity takes its toll. And it’s true. The soft tissues succumb to the downward pull, losing their elasticity. The spring and bounce that characterizes youth dessicates. And yet there’s a way we age long before our time, offering ourselves up as sham sacrifice to […]

Your Body is Trying to Tell You Something


Chandler Stevens   Part 1 A client I work with really knows her shit. After a successful film career, she introduced a whole new style of yoga to an entire country (where she was a recent immigrant no less – no prior connections). Intelligent. Articulate. Got it together. Yet even though she leads teacher trainings […]

Psoas Patterns


Chandler Stevens   The poor psoas. It’s so misunderstood. This part of the body is responsible for so much of your day-to-day function that it often gets the blame when things go wrong. It’s no wonder. Functions associated with the psoas include: Upright posture Breathing Walking You know, insignificant things like that. And yet people […]

Becoming Yourself


Chandler Stevens Why does it take us so long to be ourselves? How can a movement practice bring us a deeper understanding of how we engage in the world around us? In this episode I talk with Jozef Frucek, co-founder of Fighting Monkey practice, about the big questions that link movement and life. Along the […]

Connecting to Ourself


Chandler Stevens   Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve hit a wall?  Or that you’re spinning your wheels?  Or that despite your best intentions you end up in the same rut of habits and patterns? What you may not realize is: it’s not some external factor.  It’s not some thing holding you back. It’s […]

The Politics of Movement Ed


Chandler Stevens   There’s a strange power dynamic inherent in most movement education and coaching (obviously extending out to therapies as well). I’ve been curious about the politics of the relationship between professional and client ever since my first exposure to somatic education. It was the first time I ever felt like I knew something […]

FRC 101: An Elegant Framework for Improving Mobility


Chandler Stevens   Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is an empirically-driven thought process around mobility developed by Dr. Andreo Spina.  After attending an FRC seminar and letting it percolate in my practice, I’m convinced that it’s one of the most robust approaches to mobility (our true potential for movement) out there.  It’s beautiful in its simplicity, […]

An Integrated Approach to Neuromuscular Training

NM training

Our most advanced computers pale in comparison to the human nervous system when it comes to complexity.  And what we know about its function is just the tip of the iceberg.  It pales in comparison to what we don’t know.  But what do we know can give us a strong foundation to build upon. In […]

Three Things Psychotherapy Teaches Us About Effective Coaching


Movement is amazingly complex. What we quickly realize is that there’s more to the body than muscle and bone.  We have tendons, ligaments, connective tissues of all kinds…and a nervous system to top it all off. But what’s most confusing for so many movement practitioners is the mind-body connection.  In fact the whole idea of […]