Red, Black, & White Paths

Red Door

Dare Carrasquillo (Sohei)   “An Ode to ming/ Charles, my teacher.”   1.Red path talk: the red path is ruthless. It demands honesty beyond human preferences. The red path teaches by taking away, it is a path of conflict, of friction, of constant pressures. Most of us only have some red path leaning, some have […]

The Optics Are Biased

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Dare Sohei   [part 1] capitalism functions off of competition and designed scarcity, this is why real wisdom isnt profitable.   this is also why you have cults, groups and factions constantly jockeying for control in a capitalistic frame. social media has only highlighted this aspect of human nature: competing narratives striving for dominance of […]

Care & Capitalism

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Christine Ruffolo   I just got off a group call about determining value, and it basically ended up being a therapy session about my aversion for capitalism.  Summed up, I care much more about creating a culture that lives up to my idealized vision of how things could be than I do about the messed […]