Integration = Expression

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Christian Paev   Pursuing different positions of the body without having a field of integration is like learning many interesting words in a foreign language.. But let’s never say it. It is an absolutely necessary part of development, but why does it remain there? I am trying to study body language so that I can […]

Risky Play


Gokce S Hall  (Sevinc Gurmen)   Risky games and discoveries called Risky Play are important in terms of understanding and judgment of the child’s body capacity and what is really dangerous. Plus of course he develops fine motor skills and self confidence. . There are a few things you can do as a parent: stand […]

Playing with Capacity


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Inarticulate vs. Articulate Movement


Jason Round   Definition [Movement] is a fluid term which involves an interplay between both involuntary/inarticulate and voluntary/articulate movement.   The first step of any critical interrogation is definition. This is necessary so that readers can understand what is meant by the term ‘movement’ when it is used throughout any previous and consequent criticisms and theorisations whilst outlining the field for […]