Wear & Repair


Brandon Chien   “Wear and tear” is such a poor outlook on the body. Think Wear AND repair, and you’ll be in rhythm with your body. A little bit of chaos in your life gives your body a reason to heal. The gifts of our youth can be renewed by doing what we fear at […]

Integration = Expression

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Christian Paev   Pursuing different positions of the body without having a field of integration is like learning many interesting words in a foreign language.. But let’s never say it. It is an absolutely necessary part of development, but why does it remain there? I am trying to study body language so that I can […]

Feel More Capable

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Jenn Pilotti   In our quest for the mind body connection, we have moved further away from it. We focus on perfect alignment, experiencing full expansion, pushing to be more: more flexible, more fit, more strong.   But what if establishing a mind body connection actually came from thinking less and feeling more? What if […]