Integration = Expression

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Christian Paev   Pursuing different positions of the body without having a field of integration is like learning many interesting words in a foreign language.. But let’s never say it. It is an absolutely necessary part of development, but why does it remain there? I am trying to study body language so that I can […]

Flying Squirrel Roll

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Austin Einhorn     View this post on Instagram   Harder and more beneficial than it looks. The challenge likely won’t be overcome with brute force and more contraction, something already in excess, but in learning to let go. This should be as free and effortless as possible, long term.  A post shared by Austin […]

Supine Bridge Kicks


Andre Miller   Less Dynamic Assessment of Positional (St)Ability…   View this post on Instagram   #Heroesmarch To saunter comes from the root words “saint” and “terra” used to describe those looking for “holy land.” It has been misunderstood that the holy land was ever a physical place. Rather, the holy land and is a […]