brendan lea

Reality, Principles, & Rules


Brendan Lea         An earlier, tangential video on aligning self to principles to yield results:         [Feature Photo by Jossuha Théophile on Unsplash.]  

Changing Others


Brendan Lea   Hello, I have received feedback that I am trying to change others. From my perspective I am trying to help, motivate and inspire. However, after receiving this feedback from a couple of people (one being my partner), I am beginning to think that I may have a blind spot. What is the […]

Body Being Basics


Brendan Lea   Body-Being is a large study that is subset and component of an art called Cheng Hsin, which was founded by Peter Ralston. Although, what is challenging to get across here in writing, is that body-being ins’t it’s own system, but a byproduct of enquiry and investigation into what makes for effortlessly effective movement and […]