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Wear & Repair


Brandon Chien   “Wear and tear” is such a poor outlook on the body. Think Wear AND repair, and you’ll be in rhythm with your body. A little bit of chaos in your life gives your body a reason to heal. The gifts of our youth can be renewed by doing what we fear at […]

CNS Stretching


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Don’t Forget to Have Fun


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Holiday Fitness Anxiety

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Brandon Chien   Real fitness is messy. Let’s normalize a few things to make it easier to get through the holiday season.Exercise and expending our energy for “health” is still a new thing for the human body. We didn’t evolve to move unless there was pleasure or necessity (getting food) involved. You also might be […]

Programs Vs. People


Brandon Chien   Why most exercise programs suck. Because people change from day to day, and their needs will vary all the time. We are not robot automatons, even though sometimes we try to treat ourselves like machines. Our brains crave certainty, and decide that having an “exercise routine” is the best way to get […]

Working with Knee Pain


Brandon Chien   Here’s how you can begin working with knee-pain and get stronger right now.   A common strategy for relieving knee pain is to begin losing weight. Doctors will tell you that if your knee has less load to bear, it won’t struggle. But the truth is, the muscles around your knee need […]

Snatch Tips


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Work or Stretch a Tweaked Muscle?


 Brandon Chien   It hurts! How do I know if I should stretch or work the muscle? When my clients have pain or stiffness that they don’t know what to do with, I have a “Sherlock Holmes” method of helping them figure out what it needs to feel better. It’s simple and I want to […]

Stretching the Status Quo

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Brandon Chien   I was trained, like most people, not to stretch before any workouts. As an Olympic lifter, I was told that it would sap my power if I stretched before strength training. Other fitness programs may have taught you that you can injure yourself if you stretch before warming up or exerting.Turns out […]

Biopsychosocial Influence


Brandon Chien   Almost everybody can do the Front Splits. I said what I said.How each of us gets there is going to be different though – so no reps and sets here. That’s something you discover along the way. BUT, every person needs strategies and the first is to know about your preferences (also […]

RDL vs. Stiff Leg Hinge

Lu Xiaojun

Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   WARNING: FITNESS NERD POST ABOUT BARBELL TRAINING ⠀ TL;DR Powerlifters (Bench/Squat/Deadlift) will benefit from a Stiff-Leg Hinge. Weightlifters (Snatch/Clean/Jerk) will benefit from the Romanian Deadlift. But these two often get mixed up for each other. If you’re a regular person and don’t care about lifting […]

Usefulness of Expression


Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   ⠀ The task I gave myself here was “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Was I building my fitness or expressing my movement? ⠀ Building fitness used to mean doing squats, presses, heavy lifting, and hard training. ⠀ Now it means something different. Learning rhythm, […]

A Pliable Low Back

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Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   Do you strength train? Then you might also notice a little fear of getting injured and not being able to function in your daily life. I sure had them when I started barbell training, and had to learn the hard way searching for solutions.⁣ ⠀ […]

Movement As Language: Description & Terminology


Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   “Strength” and “Flexibility” are just made up words. ⠀ This movement you see here has a boring jargon name in the Fitness World – “Seated Straddle Forward Hinge with Posterior Shoulder Dislocate”. Or you could just call it “bendy thingy with a metal bar.” It […]

Position & Mobility for Olympic Lifting


Brandon Chien   Low, Wide with Press   View this post on Instagram   The Iron Donkey ? ⠀ Task: Hold the widest stance you can around parallel, while holding two KB’s in “Bottoms Up”. It’s a Horse Stance + Bottoms Up Hold. (I’m holding 32kg/70# total) ⠀ This was fun to try and see […]

Pigeon Squatting


Brandon Chien     View this post on Instagram   The Pigeon Squat is Clutch ⠀ You deserve sexy hips – it’s your birthright! ⠀ Let’s face it – having sexy hips means they are fluid, strong, and pain-free. You’re probably living a good life. ⠀ What if you’re not? What if sitting and driving […]

The Open Identity of Having No Goals


Brandon Chien   PART ONE: Deadlines and goals are not enough in the long-term. The achievement of a goal is so fleeting. It actually doesn’t feel very good for long. What consistently brings contentment on a lasting daily basis is the reward of doing behaviors that are aligned with an identity. That is going to be important […]