The Human vs. the Machine


Fanny Tulloch   I want to share, to the best of my ability, the profound experiences and lessons I’ve learnt over the years. This one related to ‘Human vs. Machine’ made many of my later lessons possible as a result. This article is not an exclusive guide on the topic. In fact, it’ll be specific […]

False Beliefs & Growth


Fanny Tulloch The Narrative I need to possess a good aesthetic, or I am not worthy of peoples love. Not until I look like the image of the ideal woman in my mind I will deserve the respect and love from others. Therefore, I need to work hard, really hard, in the gym to get […]

Beliefs, Culture, & Connection


Ramon Castellanos     In this article I want to discuss something that you do not see discussed a lot and that is the practice of magic in the context of the primal movement, the primal health movement or the ancestral movement. There is a lot of talk about nutrition, physical training protocols, circadian rhythm […]

Prediction, Perception, and Challenging Bias


Jenn Pilotti   I stumbled across an unread motor control textbook sitting underneath a pile of books on my bedside table. In my world, this is akin to finding a clothing item that still has tags on it in one of my drawers—it represents something that is new, shiny, and brimming with possibilities. Motor control, […]

A Raw and Honest Wavering of Belief


Nadia Genois   I haven’t written anything in a long time. When I joined this project, I had expectations. I wanted to share my thoughts on movement, be part of a community.I  love movement. I teach different forms of it. I like how it’s part of my daily life. Every time I sit to write […]