Even When You Don’t Think You’re Helping


Dare Carrasquillo   Breathwork to bring you back to baseline (at a moment’s notice).     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Dare Carrasquillo (@darecarrasquillo)    

Finding Your Fundamentals


Jeremy Fein   “Don’t worry about the fundamentals–skip right ahead to the fancy stuff to save time.”   Probably a quote you’ve never heard from an athlete or a coach. We all seem to agree that the fundamentals are important, but why isn’t there more talk about what they are? At various times, I’ve been […]

Systema – Basics and Developing Ideas

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Andre Miller Systema is a Russian martial art based on fluidity and effortless movement.  The following games and demonstrations hope to guide the user into its basic principles and applicable tangents.   Low Pushover  OBJECTIVE: push partner over by pressing against torso Develops softness, tension awareness, and alignment of actions/interactions with breathing Key points: both […]