Interoception & Integration


Jim Freda   “The heart of healing lies in our ability to listen, to see, to perceive, more than in our application of technique.” (Myers 2020). “In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first […]

Training After Baby


Fanny Tulloch     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Fanny Tulloch (@_mobilitytraining)  

Start with Universe – Structure (Part 2)


Jordan Terry Part 1 of this series.   “Homeostasis represents a self-organized system derived from the many complex interacting dynamic equilibria necessary to maintain life. Stress initially drives this system toward chaos, but as with all self-organized systems it resists perturbation by generating either short-term compensations (if the initial stressor is resolved) or long-term compensations […]

Balancing Yin & Yang


Craig Mallett   The concept of balancing Yin and Yang is central to Daoist thought. It’s this idea that orients us in our practice, asking us to not give one side of the coin more importance than the other. The Yin is more manifested, but more limited. It is the structure, the physical body, the […]

Ball on Block Tasks


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   Ideas de Situaciones Jogos Tareas de movimiento. ⠀ Una pelota de tenis (u otra cualquiera) y un objeto con la superficie plana para equilibrar la pelota. En el vídeo usamos un cubo de espuma y, al final, una círculo de madera. Puedes usar un libro, […]

Dynamic Balance


Miguel Viero     View this post on Instagram   It’s not about not losing balance, but of being able to recover it.  And how the whole structure collaborates and reacts to internal and external stimuli without accumulating unnecessary tensions. No se trata de no perder el equilibrio, sino de poder recuperarlo. Y de cómo […]