Butter Back (part 3)

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Jeremy Fein   Go Further with Strength. Strengthen your middle, strengthen your movement.   STRONG BACK   STRONG FRONT   STRONG SIDES   STRONG EVERYWHERE (ROTATION)  

Butter Back (part 2)

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Jeremy Fein   Move All The Pieces. Can you conduct a spinal symphony?        

Interoception & Integration


Jim Freda   “The heart of healing lies in our ability to listen, to see, to perceive, more than in our application of technique.” (Myers 2020). “In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first […]

Hips Back Connection


Tom Morrison   One of the greatest things that came from my back injury was the amount I learned about how hips work and how the slightest imbalance is ok, but if you pass the tipping point – you are in for a world of hurt… Maybe not today, Or tomorrow Or even the next […]

Sleepy Scorpion


Gary Stockdale       View this post on Instagram   SLEEPY SCORPION The connections yielded by this simple rolling #PushUp left me feeling restored, springy and well integrated. Start simply by pushing and turning. Then allow the leg thrust to initiate the spiralling. Pin the pushing elbow tightly into your side until the final […]

A Sciatica Solution

Painful Sciatic Nerve

Tom Morrison   Ah the mighty sciatica, a sometimes lovely pain that can come on for no other reason other than “Hey, why not! There’s nothing better to do“. I’m not going to do one of those “rest, painkillers and chiropractor” articles as I remember reading each and every one of them thinking “and this […]