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Creating Lasting Adaptations (Part 3)


Austin Einhorn   Few exercises magically “transfer” to sports betterment, despite all of us wishing they would. Simply doing “monster walks” in your pregame routine doesn’t do anything to keep a knee wide during your sport. And who’s to say your knee needs to be wide all the time? We expend finite energy, time, and […]

Creating Lasting Adaptatons (Part 2)


Austin Einhorn   If you’re here, you already read parts one and two, knowing why this five-tiered framework matters so much and why we start with awareness and access . If you’re confused as to why I’m just starting with “Endurance,” read parts one and two. Endurance Once you have your new movement on your mind’s […]

Creating Lasting Adaptations (Part 1)


Austin Einhorn   So you want to help an athlete move a different way—a tweak of their squat or forehand. Whatever it is, you need to ensure athletes have the ingredients for the final product. Those ingredients are the five-tier hierarchy I mentioned in the last post. Awareness—of the movement and access to it. Endurance—sustaining […]

Cultivating Tendon Health

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Austin Einhorn   There’s no magic recipe for helping tendons feel better. But there are a few well-studied strategies that make a short list of things to try. My tools are four variables. Load: Light weight for a long time — One to three minutes of tension, per set, 4+ sets. Heavy weight for a […]

The Spectrum of Spinal Positions


Austin Einhorn   I concluded this post’s predecessor by telling you to have a “good” spine position, but it’s only because that gets you to imagine a neutral position, hopefully. Neutral serves as a baseline. There are no bad or wrong positions. If there were, which degree would be the difference between bad and good? […]

*True* Sport Specific Training

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Austin Einhorn   We incorrectly assume certain lifts are sport-specific because they involve the same limb used in competition—logical but way too generic. For example, someone might argue, “Compared to a knee extension machine, squatting is sport-specific [literally, pick any sport] because it involves multiple leg joints and the sport involves multiple leg joints.” If […]

One-Arm Pulling

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Austin Einhorn   Conor Meyler is a Gaelic Football star, nominated for player of the year in 2021. Every season is bruising, but each one also leaves his body repeatedly aggravated in specific areas—or as he put it, “chronic niggles.” He didn’t want to risk those niggles becoming something worse and threatening his next season; […]

Curiosity Part 4: Unconditionality

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Austin Einhorn   We’ve already discussed that chasing your curiosity isn’t always going to result in candy and funny stories. Sometimes it’s going to result in nothing and sometimes it’s going to dust up uncomfortable emotions and hard truths. All but the most curious coaches will want to turn-heel and run. But that’s what I’m […]

Curiosity Part 3: Kill the Cat

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Austin Einhorn   LINKS TO PART 1 & PART 2 It’s hard to foster curiosity in athletes when you are an incurious coach. Athletes and coaches are submerged in an incurious culture where the norms are repetition and monotony rather than exploration and learning. What’s worse, sadly, is that many people think machine-like repetition is learning. When I look […]

Curiosity Part 2: Assumptions

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Austin Einhorn   Professional and collegiate athletes come into my gym all the time repeating nonsense from their other coaches (or the Internet and social media). They tell me what they think their problem is, “Austin, my glutes don’t contract.” I ask, “How do you know they are not contracting?” They realize they’re not sure, “My glutes just — […]

Curiosity Part 1: Beyond Assumptions

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Austin Einhorn   Consider the following lines: What do you see? Yes, there are two lines and a space between them. But what else could it be? What could it symbolize? What might bridge the two sides? The curious mind recognizes the gap and searches for what may exist in the space. Now, anything could […]

Transferring Between Halves

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Positioning the Shoulder

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Swings, Techniques, and Design


Austin Einhorn   THIS ARTICLE IS ONLY ABOUT TWO THINGS, REALLY. IT’S ABOUT HOW THE HUMAN ORGANISM IS DESIGNED AND HOW IT LEARNS. Since sports require skills, improving them is perhaps the one thing coaches are responsible for, by the current definition of the role. However, most coaches know almost nothing about the topic. A […]

Suck-in and Extension

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Austin Einhorn     View this post on Instagram   Gabo’s progress—After watching him play, it became more evident he has a hard time getting segmental movement throughout his spine when his limbs move away from his center (arms going overhead and legs straightening). Instead, he move predominantly at one location, his low back and […]

Meta-Skills of the 1%


Austin Einhorn   I just returned from the December 2018 Altis Apprentice Coach Program. During one of the “pool side chats,” Stu McMillan confidently stated that 99% of athletic programs are terrible. I wholeheartedly agree—it’s quite accurate. Just as with any population, there will be a natural hierarchy. However, the divide between the 1% and […]

Gathering Practice


Austin Einhorn GETTING HANDS TO GROUND, ENVIRONMENTAL STABILITY CHALLENGES   View this post on Instagram   For those of you who don’t know, one key component of Aussie Rules Football is having the freedom to efficiently pick up a chaotically bouncing oblong ball off the ground in a variety of positions. For Travis we wanted […]

Philosophology: An Inquiry Into Practice


Austin Einhorn   We are being led by the blind and uninformed. There is a virus infecting our culture and growing to epidemic levels. Our social patterns of value have tipped the scales towards ignorance. This plague is Philosophology, and it has the world of sports in a death grip. Robert Pirsig birthed the term […]