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Swings, Techniques, and Design


Austin Einhorn   THIS ARTICLE IS ONLY ABOUT TWO THINGS, REALLY. IT’S ABOUT HOW THE HUMAN ORGANISM IS DESIGNED AND HOW IT LEARNS. Since sports require skills, improving them is perhaps the one thing coaches are responsible for, by the current definition of the role. However, most coaches know almost nothing about the topic. A […]

Shaping the Game


Alex Sporticus   At the heart of a games based approach to teaching is the challenge to the centrality of learning isolated and decontextualised techniques that will ‘allow’ the child to play. Instead of starting with the practice of the prerequisite techniques, the starting point is the game and play itself. It is through play that […]

Silent Coaching

Football Or Socker Coach Observing Kid Football Match.healthy Sport Concept.

Alex Sporticus   Imagine this scene: The pupils are silent as they file into the exam hall. Their names are checked, valuables left at the side and they quietly walk past the rows of desks and chairs till they find their own. Nervous tension fills the the room. The exam papers are distributed, instructions issued and […]

The Artist vs. the Athlete


Margot Ciccarelli   They are both labels by themselves, but if you could only pick one, which one would you choose?  Jiu-jitsu is one of those things that encompasses both artistry and innovation, but yet still remains to be an athletic endeavour. It isn’t to say jiu-jitsu is uniquely the only art that intertwines both […]

Gathering Practice


Austin Einhorn GETTING HANDS TO GROUND, ENVIRONMENTAL STABILITY CHALLENGES   View this post on Instagram   For those of you who don’t know, one key component of Aussie Rules Football is having the freedom to efficiently pick up a chaotically bouncing oblong ball off the ground in a variety of positions. For Travis we wanted […]

Low Plyos


Gary Stockdale     LOW #PLYO Positions that are low to the ground are the least controlled as we transition into adulthood and old age. Because we don’t spend time close to the ground, we lose the ability to move there and eventually develop a fear of falling. TRANSLATION=GET LOW. These lateral bounding, low plyometrics […]

Taking up Space

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Austin Einhorn     Here’s a infinitely better alternative to developing soccer skills than the swill I posted yesterday. “Agility” with speed ladders and non representative environments are mucking up the internet and the population’s ideas of how to develop athletes. Space…A better defender takes up a larger amount of space around them. A better […]

Fighting Monkey Athletic Development


Michael Ryan   Creative challenges of space, tracking, and coordination #athletictraining #sportsperformance #precision #sensitivity #perception #reaction #timing #rhythm #coordination #neuroplasticity #exposure #creativity #fightingmonkey_rootlessroot A post shared by Michael Ryan B.S., CSCS, FRCms (@performanceform) on Feb 1, 2017 at 7:46pm PST Reactionary and Attentional Agility Agility ladder training: Look down at your feet while repeating the […]