Redefining ‘Muscle Firing’


Tom Morrison   Have you ever been told or thought that a certain muscle just isn’t firing?   Unfortunately, a muscle firing has nothing to do with cool laser beams shooting from your double bicep pose… much to my immense disappointment… but instead it’s a much more confusing term that has people scratching their heads […]

A Clear & Sincere Desire

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Jeremy Fein       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jeremy Fein (@jeremyfein)

Armpits & Seeing the Shoulder

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Austin Einhorn     View this post on Instagram   ARMPITS I’m fascinated with armpits… In my eyes, they give detailed view of shoulder integrity. When the arm is overhead, I want to still see a pit, rather than a mound. A protruding mound is the head of the humerus bone poking out a bit. […]

Assessing Breathing


Jeremy Fein     The third test is Patrick McKeown’s BOLT score (Body Oxygen Level Test), adapted from Buteyko’s ‘Control Pause’ carbon dioxide measure. According to McKeown, it “should be” in the 40s. Most people, even elite athletes tend to be around 20s. Below 20s, he says people will have some sort of breathing-related symptoms.  […]

Assess Hard, Treat Soft


Jeremy Fein   “Assess hard, treat soft” – Dr. Perry Nickelston   To Dr. Perry, this is a quote about the amount of physical force used in manual therapy. He needs enough force to initially see how the body responds, but ultimately it’s the soft touch that drives his predictably positive outcomes.   For me–the […]

Routine, Assessments, and Seeing the Bigger Picture


Jenn Pilotti A fair amount of people initially come to see me for issues surrounding pain and discomfort. Often, it’s an area that has bothered them off and on for a long time, with doctors left shaking their heads, suggesting another cortisone shot or another round of physical therapy. These individuals are usually extremely active […]

The NEW Joint-By-Joint Approach

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Christine Ruffolo   The popular — and still conceptually relevant — joint-by-joint approach championed a decade ago lent logic to the idea that a problem that revealed itself in one area may be caused by dysfunction in another.  There were stable joints, and there were mobile joints, and the function of these joints alternated based on proximity. […]