Medicating with Movement

Neurons Concept

Jenn Pilotti   I am having one of those weeks, a week where a lot of the people around me are upset, or anxious, or depressed. A week where there is a sense of heaviness encompassing the people I interact with regularly, which makes me feel like I am being held down under a thick, […]

The Need for Anxiety


Chandler Stevens   Anxiety is: “A sickness which attacks…precisely those who are strongest in spirit and richest in gifts.” – Herman Hesse It’s a feature of our culture – and our species. It’s a necessity for anyone who wishes to do creative work. Anxiety points to a struggle taking place within the personality, a wrestling […]

Spontaneity & Fear

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Steph Lee     View this post on Instagram   Spontaneous backbends..are so not my thing. Years ago, I was hit by a car. My youthful ego pushed me back into dancing after 20 days of rehab. I kind of regretted not taking time out for myself then but shook the feelings off. “My body […]