The Work


Dare Carrasquillo   insects stir 3/1/23   it takes a lot of concentration, dedication to become clear in a culture designed for confusion designed for ignorance   the work, as they say, in all caps with a hint of righteous pride THE WORK is not constantly explaining things to ignorantly confused people becoming famous for […]

Somatic Toolkit


Dare Carrasquillo     Larger playlist of basic animist practices can be found here.  

An Animist Walking Exercise

Barefoot Walking

Dare Sohei   Animist Somatic Practice: Walking/Moving-Sensing-Embodying   Human beings are unique biologically in quite a few ways, one major way is walking upright on two legs. Now, I understand that not everyone can walk, so please translate this into whatever works for you. Walking is interesting however, because it embodies all the necessary components […]