Questioning Paleo


Ramon Castellanos   Avoid Paleolithic Reenactment   *Excerpt from the book Ancestral Now.   I have made a clear intention to resist the nostalgic allure of freezing our ancestors in time, and attempting to reenact their lifeways.  If we do so, we lose touch with the living, breathing reality of The Ancestral Now.  What we […]

Communicating from a Place of Sickness & Pain


Dare Sohei   a brief(?) communication about the time i am in:   this is a water tiger (death-fear) year, and all of my inherited and conduct/ignorance related disease symptoms have returned in not a small way. i have learned, brutally, over the last 42 years, about living a life based on a disability justice […]

Threatening & Being Threatened


Dare Sohei   grief (and rage) are just the very first parts of death practice. it strikes me as telling that resistances towards acceptance of these states and moving through them to whats beyond are so prevalent. its like watching someone pick at scabs. this culture, these behavorial stories are so fucking boring and remedial, […]