A Handful of Bones


Jim Freda   A handful of bones is just about all that we can hold in our mind as we go through the process of our complex daily full body movements. A handful of bones is enough to coordinate and balance the system in almost any position. Perhaps in our mundane daily movement of the […]

The Talus


Jordan Terry   “The human talus has no muscular attachments, which makes it a truly unique and important bone. It is also considered a keystone of the body.”     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Adaptable Polarity (@adaptable_polarity)  

Systemic Flow

Nasal Cavity 768x734

Jordan Terry   Flow is defined as everything that necessitates movement within our Structure, but cannot be externally observed. We can see the muscles and bones of structure move through time and space from the outside, but we do not see the flow of blood, lymph, air, food turning to waste, etc. Flow includes nine of […]

Sockets, Torsion, & Squat Depth


Tom Morrison   There’s a serious amount of confusion in the exercise world over what a squat should look like, what’s the most beneficial depth, or the most effective stance. People who’ve “figured it out” argue that it’s their way or the highway, then other people saying that everyone’s squat will be different based on their hip […]

Hip! Hip! (An Overview)


Jenn Pilotti   The hips. Peaches. The area where your femur, the longest bone in your body, rests neatly into a concave structure that looks like a cup and is actually the meeting place of the three bones that make up one half of your pelvis. (Fun fact: your pelvis is made up of two […]

Anatomy of a Movement Practice

Jenn Pilotti   I was recently contacted by a concierge service to train an out of town visitor. I thought about it before calling her back, since it meant I wouldn’t have any days off from training and I had things I needed to do, like format the book/film/complete online training for my government job, […]

Front Line Engagement Options


Gary Stockdale   Glute Engagement in the Hinge   View this post on Instagram   #GLUTEWEEK: RECIPROCAL INHIBITION *TIPS FOR NON-READERS: Keep #Spine long, Try to pull thighs toward trunk and breath big at the bottom* The concept is as simple as: One side must shorten to lengthen the other. But upon diving deeper, we […]

Form Follows Function


Christine Ruffolo   Form Follows Function was a 6-hour Axis Syllabus themed workshop that combined elements of anatomy, contact improv, and dance.  Spread over two days (Saturday and Sunday, in the perfect hours of 10a – 1p), the general flow of the course began with contact improv, dipped into anatomy, connected and contextualized axis syllabus, […]