The 3-Phase Repatterning Stretching Cycle

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Dave Wardman   The last essay served as an introduction to the art of repatterning stretching:  its lore, heuristics, principles, aphorisms, and more.  It was largely theorum.  This second essay in a series of ‘class essays’ [essays designed to aid people dive into the repatterning stretching more fluidly] is more of the ‘applied theorum’ flavour. […]

The Body Alchemical (the Yoga Post)


Dave Wardman   ‘In contemporary yoga practices we often jump into the third limb, of āsana, and end up with a fragmented and imbalanced yoga practice, because it has no roots.  The rooting of a practice occurs when one starts at the beginning with the ethical codes that Patañjali outlines as the stepping-stones to further […]