Learning Strength


Jenn Pilotti   I recently took up pole dancing. My sister thinks I am having a midlife crisis which, though it may be accurate, isn’t the reason I felt compelled to begin flipping upside down on a solid vertical object. In actuality, the act of learning how to navigate my body around a pole gave […]

Terrestial Nostos


Dave Wardman   * ‘nostos’ is a Greek term connected to the Odyssey that means ‘homecoming’/’returning home via sea after long adventures’ but that carries with it an idea of spiritual homecoming.. perhaps even coming back to the beginning on a different level that when one left.   [*] terrestrial nostos After terrestrial nostos [νόστος]* I […]

Parkour Footwork: Adaptation (Part Four)


Jereme Sanders   Part One: Step Length & Consistency Part Two: Ambidexterity & Tempo Part Three: Entrance Options General Notes on Entry/Exit   Understand your Nature then Expand your Nature Understanding what movements come naturally to you comes with time, repetition and awareness. To make new movements and thoughts natural takes even more of the […]