Mission Statement

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We are a group of individuals trying to better understand themselves and the way their body works.

Students, who also find themselves as teachers.  We act as bridge builders instead of gate keepers, connecting tenets across genres, cultures, and practices to construct arcs of universality.  Our goal is to show humanity a truer reflection of itself.

This is a home for the cultivation of ideas.

We understand that different will lead us to elsewhere, and for most of us, the mainstream isn’t where we want to be.  We hope to provide an environment that fosters critical thinking and allows for respectful disagreement.  The work presented here is what we find true and interesting in the moment, and is subject to evolve as we do.

Wellness should not be a privilege but a responsibility for all.

By removing restrictions to access, otherwise guarded knowledge and wisdom is free to circulate.  It can get to those who need it, while also holding them accountable for their own well being.  We do the work to make this possible because we believe we can be the change we seek.