Think Like a Poet and Move Better

by Nicki Miller How are you reading this? If you’re sitting on a chair, notice where your hip bones make contact with the chair. Imagine yourself as only a skeleton. … Read More

Rediscovering Play

Give a kid a list of tasks to do, and you’ll find yourself with one unhappy kid. Give an adult a checklist, and they transform into blissful busyness. One basks … Read More

Decoding PAILs and RAILs

Christine Ruffolo   The one flaw in the Functional Range Conditioning system is its heavy use of acronyms. It has created a culture of separation, utilizing a language only understood … Read More

Getting Articular Independence

Christine Ruffolo   As examined in my previous post, joint function defines what kind of movements you are prepared to perform. Articular independence must come before articular interdependence. The ability … Read More

The NEW Joint-By-Joint Approach

Christine Ruffolo   The popular — and still conceptually relevant — joint-by-joint approach championed a decade ago lent logic to the idea that a problem that revealed itself in one area may … Read More

Lift-Offs and Passive Holds

Christine Ruffolo   Systemized by functional range conditioning (FRC), lift-offs are an ingenious way to focus on stability to achieve gains in mobility. Lift-offs are essentially lever tighteners. You place … Read More