Verbalizing “the Lack”


Verbalizing “the Lack”

Nelson Cuadras


I feel unclear on whether I should share this.

I’m lacking clarity.

I can’t find it.

It’s frustrating.

I need sleep.

I question myself; Should I be posting this? Who cares about this?

Who cares about your excuses?

I see what my favorites on here put out and I think, wow, how do they do it? How do they keep the heat coming consistently?

What do they do when they don’t get enough sleep? Do they push through? Do they have something that I don’t have? Some secret abilities?

Am I being weak?

Am I weak?

I’m weak.

I can see that it’s nonsense, the way that I speak to myself.

The order of operations that I’ve conditioned my mind to.

It’s a trap.

Did I mention the lack of sleep?

If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from not sleeping it’s this:

It seems easier to revert to a state where the mind is top dog.

I get heady then I overthink then I get in a loop and then I’m toast.

Literally, brain feeling burnt and body feeling the rest.

Add a little bit of PRESSURE on top and bam, sizzling in the worst way like Bobby Flay.

It’s oversized to deal with when you’ve got the rest of life’s commitments to take care of.

The heat is on.

And maybe it’s time to get out of the kitchen for a bit.

Hit the pause button for a few hours, maybe the day.

Hell, maybe take a couple of days off.
The rest of the work will get done and you’re not much fun if the creative work can’t get none…

Of your rested body.

Your clear mind, maybe no mind at all.

The stuff that flows.

That feels like play and looks like work to others.

The stuff you do that shines through, no matter who or what you get put in front of.

The thing that dissolves you into right now-ness.

It’s there waiting for you if you take a moment.

A moment to rest.

Go get some sleep, you’re due for your best.



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