A Note To Self


A Note To Self

Christian Paev


a note to self


”persist – from Latin persistere, from per- ‘through, steadfastly’ + sistere ‘to stand’ ”


To the people who pursue change in their lives and especially to my own self.


Systems have capacity.


Not using any of the capacities you possess would shrink them like balls in the cold. (notice the level of thinking/speaking/moving of the average person)


Exceeding it for too long would break (at best) a part of the system.


(illnesses , minor to moderate inflammations, minor to moderate injuries, etc)


Exceeding it by too much too soon would break (at best) a part of the system.


Challenging it sufficiently and allowing it to grow/heal/reorganize seems like the only way for long-term evolution.


An aspect of the practice for me is the art of challenging yourself strategically with the right dosage and substances in the prevailing non-emergent situations. When emergency hits – act accordingly.


Long-lasting change… takes time to acquire/become. When you choose to FORCE it, you would PAY THE PRICE in pain and damage proportional to the effort. Instead – stretch the process, choose destination, observe the environment, check position on the map often, make corrections of the course as needed and rowwww the damn boat.


Do not stop, easy on yourself and persist through whatever comes.


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