Question Size & Solutions


Question Size & Solutions

Jeremy Fein


The Medium Ones are Holding You Back (Nov. 16th Audio – 1:41)


Let’s take sleep as an example. You’re busy at work, taking care of the kid and the dog, and stressed about the news. You’re not sleeping enough, but there’s no way out!

…or is there?

Ask a Bigger Question
There’s so much on your plate, but what if you could get rid of the plate entirely? Or make it bigger? Look for areas you could totally transform by asking outlandish questions like “how could I spend half as much time working?” These questions might feel scary, silly, or privileged. Worst comes to worst, you’re right where you were before.

Ask a Smaller Question
Okay, so maybe you can’t just quit your job or teach your dog to walk himself. You can’t magically go from 6 hours of sleep to 8. But could you add 10 minutes a night? Or ONE? Instead of throwing your hands up in the air, ask yourself if there’s a tiny incremental change hiding in plain sight.


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