Rib Cage Mobility

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Rib Cage Mobility

Gary Stockdale



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There is an intimate interplay between the rib cage and pelvis. In order to fully articulate the capabilities and capacities of either one, they both must be taken into consideration. Start by creating a staggered stance. Rotate the pelvis forward/away from the front leg and maintain a solid grip with the back glute (If you let go of this, you will lose pelvic position). Also make sure to keep the knee of the forward leg pressed outward slightly. Once you have defeated this stage you can proceed into rib cage expression. Lengthen through the crown, bring the lower ribs down (diaphragm parallel to the ground) and then rotate the rib cage across the pelvis. There will be a moment where your rib cage rotation will cause the pelvis drop back. FOCUS and hold your ground when you find it. breathe and expand in this moment. Take note of where your air goes. This organization is what is commonly understood as “Pelvic rotation and counter trunk rotation”. Avoid the desire to retract the shoulder blade on the side that is going back, this will stifle rib expression. Send the scapula forward with the forward arm and keep it there. Now to add in other planes of movement. Start with the rotation and then add in extension (chest lift) lateral flexion (side bends) and anterior flexion (#woof). After you have played around with each of these combinations, throw them all together and explore! There is a little nugget of locomotive education at the end, for all of you inquisitive humans that have made it this far. That concludes this episode of “Gary obsesses about human movement”. Questions? Comments? Your know where to put em  😘

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