Usefulness of Expression


Usefulness of Expression

Brandon Chien



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⠀ The task I gave myself here was “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Was I building my fitness or expressing my movement? ⠀ Building fitness used to mean doing squats, presses, heavy lifting, and hard training. ⠀ Now it means something different. Learning rhythm, spatial awareness, and transitioning between crouching and standing smoothly. ⠀ This doesn’t work my cardio. It doesn’t help build muscle. It’s not flexibility training. How was it useful? ⠀ It was fun as f*ck. ⠀ I imagined myself as a warrior monk secluded in the mountains for secret training. ⠀ I needed some Serotonin and Dopamine, but without the Adrenaline. So I went slow and made myself feel happy through some doing a task slowly. ⠀ Expressing own style. I feel like this is a non-negotiable when becoming self-actualized. ⠀ I definitely wanted to spin the stick fast and make it look fancy. ⠀ This “flow” was inspired by two pieces I learned form two separate teachers: ⠀ The Coiling Dragon Squat from @emmetlouis in his YouTube tutorial and Figure 8’s from @michelle.c.smith in her YouTube tutorial. ⠀ I hope you are not just building your fitness with all these “See 10/Do 10” challenges and free classes on Zoom. I encourage you to express some of the qualities you have worked so hard on. ⠀ Let others see how beautiful you are through your movement. Be like a panther. A sex panther. ⠀ Move decisively 2% of the time and then be alert the other 98%. ⠀ 🎶: Caleb Belkin – Lost Samurai

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