Coordination Variability

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Coordination Variability

Dave Pelletier

“The Ball Is In My Court”

There is an old adage that it is difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time. This study was to disprove that theorem and show a synergy and rhythm between upper extremity and lower extremity activity.

And just a plain fun hand and eye coordination challenge.

The drill incorporates coordination/sequencing/pattern training/ movement variations. In addition, strikes with ipsilateral and reciprocal patterns are involved. I decided to include balance to it for testing of the relationship between the ocular/vestibular/proprioceptive elements of balance while hitting the ball.

Plus exploring the interplay with hitting a target while stationary and  moving, with different hand positions (closed fist and open backhand), cadence and force exertion changes, and testing targeted hitting at different heights with the incoming ball.  There was little to no margin for error.

Misses were left in the video as a metaphor for life. Not everything goes as anticipated. That being said much better being hit with a foam ball than say a nunchaku for this endeavor.

Key points addressed were attempting to stay relaxed, if missed the incoming target not dwelling and instant continuation of task. Also relaxation of  breathing, tying in the neurological and muscular components of the body.

Lastly, it gave an excuse to wear a band on my head with a foam ball attached by a string. My own foray into fashion statements, though doubting it will take off. And yes while a Jedi could do this with eyes closed, I was just happy I did not trip and fall!




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