Fixing a Broken Heart

Jim Heart

Fixing a Broken Heart

Jim Freda


“New images surround us everywhere. They are invisible only because of sterile routine convention and fear.” –Lisette Model (Installation at SF MOMA)

Fixing a broken heart.

Does this sound reasonable? I hope it is. If your heart has been deeply broken, doesn’t it help to be able to admit it and directly focus on it? We so often don’t or can’t talk about the most important parts of our personal lives. And remember personal is political more now more than ever, at least in my memory.

And we so often can’t discuss these things, right? I feel right now there are these incredibly important conversation I should have with people I love but either it is me who is in denial or it is the other person. Conversation that are not about politics but about me and you and our relationship.

Let’s be honest. The point here is that I am in denial and need help. So tell me, when you have this kind of experience, what are the reasons? Is it shame we feel, or anger, or apathy?

Shouldn’t I try to talk about it? Does talking about it make it worse? Is there a reason we don’t talk about the most important things, like divorce and resentment and failure and hurt? Is it so difficult? Maybe it’s too scary.

Sex and the body are two big things we should talk about more. They are related philosophically.

I am actually willing to believe the most important conversations are at some point in a major way about the body.

So when we talk about a broken heart what part of the body should we talk about? Can we fix it by moving it? Can we talk about it better if we can freely move and touch each other safely?

Help out with this please. I hope I am right.

Please at least let me know what part of the body you feel when you have a broken heart. You can reach me at and

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