Contrast Brings Perception


Contrast Brings Perception

Sam Faulhaber


I am reallllly more interested in solving problems than I am with the problems themselves. Which sounds kinda dumb now that I’m typing it.

Lemme explain.

So many things are solutions you didn’t have any idea would solve your problems, so you might not associate them with the problems you’ve identified in your life.

But WHAT a difference would it make in your struggles with communicating at home if you loved your job?

No, I didn’t say changed your job, just loved the one you had.

How different would your relationship with your kids be if you learned how to concentrate on your time with them better?

How different would your life be if you just learned how to distinguish what was important to you from what wasn’t and ACTUALLY acted on it?

I do give a shit that you’re stressed about your particular workload.

But you’re stressed about your workload because you haven’t learned how to make better decisions for yourself. How to navigate your particular vision of the world.

How to master your God-given internal GPS. I almost said GPS system but that’s redundant.

Today let’s just talk about how everything has ebbs and flows, no matter how strongly we try to resist them with consistent temperature control and flat sidewalks.

Trying to flatten our existence tends to make things wrong when they deviate from ‘flat.’

Oh god I’m cold. I’m hot. I feel pain. I’m uncomfortable. It’s dark. It’s bright. This load is heavy. I’m sad.

Contrast brings perception.

Sitting in a body-temperature room or floating in space is numbing.

It’s a good thing to feel.

Why are we pursuing numbing?

When you can enjoy what is actually happening around you?

Do me a favor and act like you’re high for a moment. Become completely enraptured by your own forearm. Look at it, examine it, stroke pinch or flick it and be hyper aware of the sensations of messing with your own arm. Push squeeze swipe.

So many automatic processes happening just for you in that forearm.

When you can squeeze that kind of fascination out of your whole life things are always pretty interesting.

You feel stressed because you don’t feel safe.

You don’t feel safe because you’ve never listened to yourself.

Because you’ve never listened to yourself you don’t trust yourself.

Which means that you don’t trust the world around you, because how could you if you don’t even trust yourself?

Trust is earned through practice and examination.

Through growing and caring and making it through uncomfortable times and still being their for yourself/each other.

Riding waves and not trying to force things to be other than the way they want to be.

He that knows why can endure any how.

And if you find what you love you will raise up everyone around you.

Most clients (probably all of them) lead lives that are unnecessarily complicated when we get down to it and sort out what is meaningful to them.

But if you can get value from even the things that don’t feel right to you…oh baby. Life is one heck of a journey at that point.

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