Learning vs. Performing


Learning vs. Performing

Christian Paev


How complete is your self-image? How does your self-image differ from reality?

‘Movement class’ is not about playing games, nor it is about cool movements.

Our work is an educational process – one that demands you to be involved, for the sake of your own self-knowledge. The class is a place where you learn how to obtain information, and how to use it afterwards.

The exercises are just transmitters of information – they are not the information itself. With very simple tasks, one can obtain huge amounts of information about the way that he moves.

Increased body awareness and self-knowledge is the pursuit of our educational process.  Next time you move, consider it learning, not performing. Try to notice. The direction of your movements, their quality, their sequencing, your breath, your patterns… So many things!

You cannot improve if you are passive in this process. You may complete a movement task and not obtain any information about yourself in it.

You need to know your body. Everybody has one. You have to be able to take care of it, maintain it, understand it, feel it. Otherwise, you are just a passenger, facing unexpected troubles. Of course, it takes time, effort and trial/errors.

Most problems are born in two places – Lack of Understanding and Lack of Awareness. We need to practice both in order to improve the quality of our lives.

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3 Responses

  1. What you seem to want to say is that movement is about finding the self. I like that!
    I wonder who authored this piece?
    And I can see that this is really a discussion with students, and the point is that approaching movement with a beginners mind is about mental function, about observation, and about awareness, about empowerment. In other words it is the primal arena where we learn to learn. For example as babies we learn to walk out of necessity, through experimentation, failure, persistence and success. You are saying lets recapture that delight in learning through revisiting movement the way we did as children.

    1. Your synopsis is terrific 🙂 At the top right of every article is a light teal author name, linked to their bio page. This one was penned by Christian Paev.

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