Taking up Space

Austin Einhorn



Here’s a infinitely better alternative to developing soccer skills than the swill I posted yesterday. “Agility” with speed ladders and non representative environments are mucking up the internet and the population’s ideas of how to develop athletes. Space…A better defender takes up a larger amount of space around them. A better offender/dribbler needs less space. To develop the skill of keeping the ball close to you, simply create a task and constraint with less space. Hence this 8ft pole, which gives Kristian a 16ft circle. Tanner, without being told to do so starts keeping the ball closer to himself and develops more creative strategies to get around the obstacle. Implicit learning, and self-emergent behaviors are much better than being told series of “forms” and “techniques” to follow. These skills are now in Tanner’s toolbox for future retrieval. Be part of the solution, help spread this information and ask more questions. Let’s improve the world of sports performance. #apiros #apirossoccer #space #cla #constraintsledapproach #soccer #soccertraining @takol_sport @floreskris

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Editor’s Note: Austin also has a pretty sweet podcast on realizing human potential.  Find it here and use episode #22 as a jumping off point.

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