Movement Confidence

Nick Konow




C O M P O S I T I O N. // Learning will only get us so far. At a certain point we must lead, create, be of service to our principles of moving. The practice of COMPOSITION, presumes that we have opened ourselves, posed the questions, practiced our experiments, and are now keen on laying our claim on the work of our body/mind/spirit. It is focused, improvised, shaped, ethereal. Its duration is whatever you choose, but careful – it began as soon as you put your mind onto it and so you are responsible for its middle and its end. Composition seeks your unwavering accountability. Composition allows no room for error, and no room for a self-pitying WRONG. It is the 2nd practice of MOVEMENT CONFIDENCE. #graceinmvmnt

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C O N T A C T. // This moment, captured at this past summer’s STILL MOVEMENT Retreat in Lygra, serves as a gorgeous representation of the third practice of MOVEMENT CONFIDENCE, Contact. Essentially, human connection, Contact is an awareness of and a responsiveness to the spatial relationship between ourselves and others. Contact can never be taken for granted, but must always be tuned into and taken care of. When it does bring us into physical touch, we experience the personal sensation of the wholly present moment, while also being presented with that which we communicate, teach and express to another. Ultimately, a physical manifestation of giving and receiving, an Empathic Moving Study. #stillmovement #movementconfidence

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